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Julie Steele

Steele, Julie

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher
Vee Thongoulay

Thongoulay, Vee

Regina Thornton

Thornton, Regina

Administrative Secretary
Dirk Vonderlage

Vonderlage, Dirk

5th Grade Teacher

I strive to create a classroom in which students feel safe enough to take risks and maximize their learning both intellectually and emotionally. My greatest hope is that I will give them the tools, provide the perspective, and help build the empathetic skills they need to make informed decisions in an increasingly interdependent world--not just for themselves but for the good of their communities.

Weaver, Amy

Special Education Asst/ISE
William Weigel

Weigel, Will

Elementary Specialist-Health and Fitness
Gemille Wise

Wise, Gemille

Office Assistant

Wise, Kate

Teacher-Special Education

I enjoy working with a range of students with different abilities in small groups, general education classes, and in common areas throughout the building. The special education staff has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help all students learn and I am lucky to work with them on a daily basis!

Sharon Worth

Worth, Sharon

Special Education Asst/ISE