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Daniel Bagley Elementary School


About Daniel Bagley Elementary School

Our Educational Mission

Challenging ALL students to be their best.

We are an inclusive learning community that empowers students to be their best by providing quality whole-child education in a safe and supportive environment.

To reach our academic goals for each student we maintain curricular continuity for every student in reading, writing and mathematics. This provides a common thread progressing through every grade so each child will gain these fundamental skills. Our creative, talented faculty is dedicated to the success of each child and uses the best curricular practices available to engage every child in learning.

Daniel Bagley maintains a Code of Conduct for all students that is founded on respect for each other, for themselves and their school. These realistic expectations are designed to help shape children’s character, to ensure the safety of all students and to teach them to be good citizens.

Building Excellence (BEX) at Daniel Bagley


Bagley Elementary opened in 1930 and currently accommodates 353 students. The building will be modernized and an addition will add classroom/core facilities. The modernization plan takes into account an expected landmark designation. Learn more about the completed project.