Daniel Bagley Elementary

Student Life

Celebrations at Bagley


Each classroom teacher has special ways of celebrating students’ birthdays. While some teachers may allow class treats or gift bags, we are aware of student allergies and want to help all students feel included in celebrations. Your classroom teacher will let you know of their birthday policy.

In addition, on your child’s birthday you are welcome to join them at lunch. Please check with your classroom teacher so that you are aware of school lunch times for your grade level.


At Bagley we recognize that there are many different holidays celebrated by many different cultures. Classroom teachers may choose to have events or engaging class activities related to different holidays to teach students about them. But as a school we do not pick and choose holidays to ‘celebrate’. As a result, we do not dress in costume on Halloween. Students may be invited to dress in costume at the Harvest Hootenanny, which is a PTA sponsored event that takes place after the school day.