Pre-Planned Absence Form

Please call the office at 206-252-5112 or everytime your child will be absent or late .


What absences can be excused?

Unplanned absences:   when your child's personal illness or injury,or the illness, injury or death of a family member, prevents your child fromattending school, and you notify the school within 48 hours of theabsences.  The school may require a note from your child's doctor if yourchild is absent due to illness or injury for an excessive number of days (10 ormore during a school year) before excusing those absences.

Five days of a trip for a funeral can be excused.

Planned absences

A Pre-Planned Absence Form may be submitted to the principal at least 3 school days before thestart of the planned absence, usually for a doctor or dentist appointment,religious holiday, or a special one-time event of a day or two. The school principal has the final say on whether your planned absence will beexcused.

Absences due to disciplinary actions such as suspensions of your childare excused on District attendance records.

What absences are not excused?

Vacations and trips are not excused when school is in session.  Familiesshould plan vacations and family travel for when school is not insession.  Going to another city, state or country to visit family orfriends won't be excused.  Extra days before or after school holidays arenot excused.

Missed assignments

We require your student to complete missed assignments.  It is up to theparent/guardian to make sure you receive the classroom work from the teacherand have your child complete it.  For more information about state anddistrict attendance policies, visit  SPS Attendance Information page.