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    Special Education

    Daniel Bagley provides the following service models: resource, ACCESS and distinct. These services are provided on a continuum that is driven by individual student needs. The staff focuses on each student’s unique learning needs when implementing researched-based materials and designing supports and modifications to help each student access their general education curriculum. The Special Education staff works collaboratively with the classroom teachers to ensure students who receive special education services are involved classroom participants and active members in the school community. The continuum of services may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and others based on student need. Please see our special education services information sheet for further detail.

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

    Bagley provides a multi-tiered system of supports to improve the outcomes of every student. MTSS is a prevention-based and problem-solving framework that strives to meet the academic and social needs of our students through school-wide supports and student specific interventions. MTSS supports and interventions are team-driven and data-based. While all staff members are responsible for the implementation of intervention supports, some students may receive specific support from the reading and math specialist or head teacher.

    The MTSS team meets weekly to review supports, interventions, and student progress. During this time, the team may meet as a Student Intervention Team (SIT) to discuss a specific student. The purpose of this team is to develop interventions and supports for students with academic or social skills concerns. Parents of these children actively participate in developing appropriate interventions. Based on the effectiveness of the interventions and supports students may be recommended for evaluation by the school psychologist in order to receive special education services. Both teachers and parents can recommend students for evaluation by the SIT team.

    Information about the differences between Section 504 and Special Education.

    Family Support Services

    Support services include a school nurse offering vision and dental screenings and other health related assistance for all families.

    An on-site speech and language therapist, a school psychologist, and an occupational therapist all work individually with students as needed.

    We emphasize families helping families with programs such as food drives, a giving tree and holiday family support. And, most importantly, the principal, teachers and staff are friendly, easily accessible and work closely with families when needed to assure their children's success.