11.21.22 Bagley’s Monday Message

Bagley Families,

I am so grateful to be a leader in this community. I am grateful for all the time I get to spend learning from and laughing with your beautiful children. I am grateful for all the ways I see staff share their skills and passion with their students. Lately, I have also been so grateful for all the sunshine and crisp skies. I am grateful to have time this week to focus more on being a mom, a chef, and a dog walker! I look forward to connecting with everyone again next week.

Winter Swap Market and Movie Night: Friday December 2nd

Our next event is a Winter Movie Night and Swap Market. Our Winter Swap Market is a chance for all families to bring gently used clothing, toys and other gift items to school. We will set the items out ‘market style’ for families to shop for free winter gifts and clothing while their children are watching a movie. We’ll also have our Giving Circle gifts available for pick up or delivery on this night.

2022 Bagley Giving Circle – How can I support the Giving Circle?

The Giving Circle is a confidential program that provides an opportunity for Bagley families to help each other during the holidays. We’ve received gift requests from Bagley families in need of support and compiled a Wish List. Please contact your PTA volunteer coordinator, Janna Reynoso, at bagleygivingcircle@gmail.com with any questions.

You can help brighten the holidays for another Bagley family in a few different ways:

  • Purchase a gift from the Amazon Wish List
    • When you purchase an item from the Wish List, it will be sent directly to the Giving Circle coordinator for distribution to families in December. Please order gifts by November 28, include a gift receipt but skip the option to have gifts wrapped (families will receive supplies to wrap gifts themselves), and do not purchase any gifts with an estimated arrival after December 7 to ensure gifts can be delivered to families on time. **** If you wish to buy the gift elsewhere or choose to purchase a different item, please be sure to click the “Buying this gift elsewhere?” link and select the option to “mark item as purchased” to avoid duplicates.
    • Gifts purchased elsewhere can be deposited in the Giving Circle collection bin in the school entryway until December 1. Gifts should be unwrapped and labeled with the tag number (i.e., #7B) from the Wish List to identify which child the gift is for. Please include a gift receipt if possible.
  • Purchase a $25 gift card from Fred Meyer

The Advanced Learning Decision Making Process is underway.

Deadlines for our staff and families are below. Visit the Seattle Schools website for more information on this timeline.
Deadline #1: November 30th:

  • Internally our teaching staff will be completing a Demonstrated Performance Tool for each student. This form has teachers make decisions on current grade level abilities for each student.
  • In addition, parents, guardians, teachers, staff and community members can nominate students for Advanced Learning. If you want to nominate your child for Advanced Learning please complete the form below. You will download, fill-out, save, and attach the completed form in email to advlearn@seattleschools.org AmharicChineseEnglishSomaliSpanish

Student Meals Menu

Take a look weekly at the breakfast and lunch menus for our students. Options vary due to availability during the week. We know pizza day is a popular one! Ms. Raylynn saves and serves pizza to different grade levels each week, so that no grade level misses a pizza day.

Covid update

We had one positive case at our school this week. SPS’s Dashboard will show district COVID trends.

Thank you for keeping your children home if they have a COVID symptom, as described by the Department Of Health.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 11/28 Thursday -12/1: 5th Grade Camp
Friday, 12/2: Movie Night and Winter Swap Market, starting at 6 PM.
Wednesday, 12/14: Assembly with choir performance, 8 AM
Friday, 12/16 1-hour early dismissal
12/19 – 1/2 No School, Winter Break