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    Health and Fitness at Daniel Bagley is about teaching our students to be life-long participants in movement. I encourage the children to participate in activities. This participation increases their heart rate, builds muscular and endurance strength promotes flexibility and improves body composition. These five components of fitness are addressed weekly. Integrated in the fitness activities are health lessons to help support their understanding. In the Five for Life curriculum, we actively participate in games teaching the kids what is occurring. For example, the kids might be "blood" transporting "oxygen" (bean-bags) from the "heart" (center of the room) to the "muscles" (hula hoops). I also focus lessons around skills, such as throwing and catching; as well as, promoting lessons around cooperation and teamwork.

    I set an example as a life-long participant in athletics myself, and I bring passion and knowledge to the curriculum. I love what I do and I love to encourage others to challenge their own fitness and health goals.

    Follow me on Instagram @ Take Charge of Your Fitness or under "Health and Fitness" on the Daniel Bagley website.


    Brad Bauer
    Health & Fitness Instructor
    Daniel Bagley Elementary