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    The Apiary at Daniel Bagley

    A place for Bees to create, collaborate, and grow.


    Empower all DBE students to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning, to ethically and effectively use and share information, and to work together to create new ideas for the greater good.


    A flexible learning commons that inspires and equips all students to imagine, inquire, and innovate as they prepare for life in an ever-changing world.

    Contact Info

    Amanda Roach,
    Phone: 206-252-5123
    Main Office: 206-252-5110
    Twitter: @dbelibrary


    Monday: 11:30-2:45
    Tuesday: 7:30-2:45
    Wednesday: 7:30-1:30
    Thursday: 7:30-2:45
    Thursday is Check-Out Day for Grades 1-5!

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