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    Daniel Bagley Race and Equity Instructional Design Committee FAQ

    Updated 6/4/21

    How was the two program model creating inequity?

    During the past three years our staff has engaged in race and equity work. In August of 2019, we engaged in a process of identifying barriers that lead to inequitable practices for our students. In this process, we identified that we have two programs (Montessori and Contemporary) and the only way to access one of our programs is by submitting a choice form during the open enrollment period. Black students, Latinx students, English Language Learners and students receiving Special Education services are underrepresented in the Montessori program. This creates two segregated schools within the building, serving different student groups and providing inequitable resource allocation.

    How will the new Unified Hive instructional model be designed?

    Bagley educators are working on this over the next few weeks and are identifying which instructional practices we will be prioritizing across classrooms. 

    Details regarding this plan should be available as a draft to share with families in February. 

    Teachers will draw from their experience within their program, incorporating best practices developed in remote learning and new research-backed equity-focused pedagogy recommendations.

    Will the Unified Hive model have multi-age classrooms?

    At the moment, we do not yet have the detailed plan of how class configuration will look. Teachers are working on the conceptual piece of this now; final classroom configurations will also depend on our enrollment numbers.

    Ideally, we will be able to offer both single grade and multiage classrooms and a thoughtful process for student placement that will be communicated to families in the spring (prior to heading to summer break).

    Will my student(s) have the same teacher(s) next year?

    There is no guarantee that your child will have the same teacher. In order to create unified classrooms in the Bagley hive, we need to bring together students in classrooms that will be a re-set from the prior year.

    We are excited that this transition will hopefully coincide with a return to in-person learning in our new building. There will be a lot for our students to look forward to!

    How and when will enrollment and class assignments work?

    Class assignments will likely happen similar to our process in previous years. Parents will have the opportunity to provide input and teachers will follow a thoughtful process to create balanced classrooms across the grades.

    Due to the changes with the unified program, and the uncertainties for when we will fully return to in-person, we are tentatively planning to share class placement with families prior to leaving for summer break so they have a known teacher and classroom community to connect with prior to starting in the fall.

    How can parents provide input?

    Submit input and questions to
    We hope to schedule town halls in the coming months (February/March).

    How will we find out more when that information is available?

    Check the Unified Hive landing page. We will also include updates in the Bagley Buzz and the weekly Smore update from Ms. Holmes and Ms. Parker.

    If my child has a choice assignment at Daniel Bagley will we still be assigned to Daniel Bagley?

    Yes, families with choice assignments will automatically continue at Daniel Bagley until the highest grade offered. 
    Families from other neighborhoods who want to attend Daniel Bagley can still apply through open enrollment, Feb. 1 – 19.

    How do I talk to my student about this change? (if you are a kindergarten family or new to Bagley this will not be a change for your child)

    We would suggest language similar to the following, of course adjusting to what works for your family:

    • Having two different learning programs (Montessori and Contemporary) at Daniel Bagley meant that not all kids were able to learn and play together
    • The Bagley teachers are working together to build a new program that will build in great parts from all classrooms
    • When you go back to school in the new building, you might have a different teacher and meet new classmates to go along with your new building and classroom
    • You will still get to work with the Specialists, and Ms. Holmes and Ms. Parker will still be the school leaders
    • What other questions do you have right now? 

    Also, you can remind your student of the RULER curriculum and encourage them to recognize, understand and label their emotions as they consider this transition.

    Clarification of Class Creator Process

    In order to create equitable class lists, Daniel Bagley decided to use a program called Class Creator. We determined that we needed to limit as much bias as possible and decided to use information from our school database (PowerSchool), gender, race/ethnicity, current program, special education, intervention, English Language Learner to create balanced classes. After using Class Creator to create the preliminary lists, we then had teachers look at the lists and focus on four guiding questions focusing on: Social Dynamics, Race and Ethnicity, Independence, Teacher Time. Based on staff input we were able to make some adjustments to the lists. The next step is to assign teachers to the classes and communicate to the community. Parents will be receiving 21-22 welcome letters with tentative class placement on June 11th.

    We are a new family. How can we get connected to families at Bagley?

    Over the summer, Daniel Bagley PTA typically hosts get ­togethers for new families at Greenwood Playground (602 N 87th St) to meet other families and make connections. Dates are listed below. Join us to make some new friends! No drop-offs, please. Due to potential COVID-19 physical distancing measures, these get-togethers may convert to Zoom meetings instead.

    • Saturday, July 24, from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
    • Sunday, August 22, from 2-3:30 p.m.
    • Saturday, September 11, from 1-2:30 p.m.

    Check the PTA website for updates to the summer playdate schedule:

    Check the Daniel Bagley website for updates about start of school:

    How will teachers learn each other’s best practices?

    Daniel Bagley staff are committed to collaboration and reflective practice. We have developed our Teaching Practices document this spring and are using this as a foundation for further planning around whole staff professional development as well as our professional learning communities in grade level teams.

    What outreach was done to get the opinions of families of color?

    During this committee’s work we gathered focus groups with our ELL families to get feedback on what was working and suggestions for improvement. We are also partnering with the PTA DEI committee and are currently gathering more input with a survey of all our families. We will review responses to help guide priorities and ideas for next year.

    What are the benefits of multi-age classrooms? What is the history of multi-age classrooms at Daniel Bagley?

    Some of the benefits of multi-age include: leadership opportunities for older students, peer learning, diversity of ages, student groups based on developmental stages of learning, students/teachers may stay together for several years. Part of the Montessori approach includes intentionally creating multi age classrooms. At Bagley it has most recently been K, 1-2-3 and 4-5. We are pausing this for one year during our initial launch of our unified program and will resume multi-age classrooms in the 22-23 school year.