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Race & Equity Instructional Design Team

DB R&E Instructional Design Committee 

Corrina Richards (K teacher), Megan Hess-Homeier (Enrollment & Planning analyst), Megan Parker (AP), Stephanie Lai (Special education teacher), Carrie Syvertsen (parent), Kate Wise (Special education teacher), Peggy Padua (parent), Jane Lipsen (1-2-3 teacher) Carla Holmes (Principal), Monica Rasmussen (3rd grade teacher), Leetah Stackhouse (4-5 teacher), Liz Filep (2nd grade teacher), Laural Miller-Klein (music teacher), Dirk Vonderlage (4-5 teacher), Jacq Shin (parent), Rob Schultz (1-2-3 teacher), Tanya Ranchigoda (parent), Connie Messom (1-2-3 teacher) Not pictured – Ashley Davies (Director Enrollment/Planning Services), Alicia Ginsburgh (parent)

May 14, 2021

Race and Equity Instructional Design Committee updates –

On May 12th the Race and Equity Instructional Design Committee hosted a town hall to explain the committee’s work and Daniel Bagley’s plan for a unified instructional program next year.

This is what was covered at the town hall: 

Why? (Background) 

  • There is a demographic imbalance between the Montessori and Contemporary programs (race/ ethnicity and service/ program eligibility) 
  • Feeling of two separate communities in one school 

How? (Committee Process) 

  • Daniel Bagley Race & Equity Instructional Design Committee included teachers, parents and SPS district staff 
  • Gathering Voices team collected input from focus groups including ELL families, middle school Bagley alumni and 4/5 grade students 

Looking ahead (learning focus for next year/ logistics)

  • Teaching practices team identified core values from both Montessori and Contemporary teachers to guide instruction in the unified program:
    • Community/Collaboration/Flexibility 
    • Inclusion/differentiation 
    • Supportive learning environment 
    • Student choice/ inquiry 
    • Clear targets and feedback on progress
  • Logistics: students with choice assignments will still be assigned to Daniel Bagley and families can still opt into Bagley from other neighborhoods 
  • Class rosters will be created with a computer program that balances different student groups and with input on student needs from Bagley teachers 


  • Great questions from the parent community, FAQ page will be updated next week with key questions! 

December 18, 2020

Good morning Bagley Families.  Before we head into winter break, we wanted to give you an update on the important work of our Race and Equity Team.

The Daniel Bagley Staff and the Race and Equity Instructional Design Committee have identified and are working on the following: 

  1. Having two separate programs has created a racial barrier that Daniel Bagley is eliminating. 

  2. Pending board approval on Jan. 27th, starting next year (21-22) Daniel Bagley will be uniting into one program, and removing the separate enrollment choice. Students with choice assignments will still be assigned to Daniel Bagley. 

  3. Developing a model that will give all students access to the best practices found in both Montessori and contemporary classrooms. 

  4. Facilitating opportunities for two-way communication regarding the instructional model and the change process. This will include teachers, students, and community members. 

Have a wonderful break and see you in the new year. 

Carla Holmes, Principal

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